Privacy Policy

1. The types of personal information LIMMYBUILD REALTY holds

LIMMYBUILD REALTY aims to provide consumer protection with respect to real estate matters and promotes practices connected with real estate in Western Australia. The kinds of personal information held by LIMMYBUILD REALTY includes the following: 

  • information collected from members of the public in connection with consumer enquiries relating to real estate matters, in connection with details relating to property transactions provided to LIMMYBUILD REALTY
  • information obtained by LIMMYBUILD REALTY through its internet site;
  • data obtained form third parties such as Landgate, the reverse telephone directory and members of public who use REIWA and REALESTATE.COM.AU services.


2. The main purposes for which LIMMYBUILD REALTY holds information

LIMMYBUILD REALTY holds the information referred to above for the primary purpose of enabling it to conduct the services that it provides to the public. In particular:

  • LIMMYBUILD REALTY collects information from the public so as to enable it to serve the interests of the public by providing a range of services.
  • Information collected from the public is used by LIMMYBUILD REALTY to provide information to the public with respect to real estate matters, to provide consumer protection and to resolve disputes between our sales representatives and the public;
  • Information collected by LIMMYBUILD REALTY with respect to its Internet site is used to assist with the delivery of internet services and to provide database records for LIMMYBUILD REALTY's sales representatives and the members of the public;
  • Information obtained from third parties, including Landgate, the reverse telephone directory and members of the public who use REIWA and REALESTATE.COM.AU services is used for the purpose of supplying assistance to LIMMYBUILD REALTY's sales representatives in the valuing, selling and leasing of properties.


3. Contacting LIMMYBUILD REALTY or making complaints regarding privacy matters

If any individual wishes to make an enquiry or complaint about LIMMYBUILD REALTY's activities with respect to privacy, they should make immediate contact with LIMMYBUILD REALTY. The Principal of LIMMYBUILD REALTY can be contacted at the following details:



         2/176 Newcastle Street,

         Perth WA 6000



         PRINCIPAL's email address (Peter Lim):